Best Dental Saddle Chairs for Dental Hygienists

Planning to start a dental clinic and want the best dental saddle chair for your clinic? Well, you have an uphill task ahead. But if you ask me, the most important part is choosing a dental hygienist chair for yourself. You have to sit all day long on the chair while you treat your patients and if you are not comfortable on your stool or chair, you will have a tough time. That is why when you consider buying a dental saddle stool or chair for your clinic, pay attention to what you are buying. A good dental hygienist saddle chair is what you need and you should focus on what you are buying.

Best Dental Saddle Chairs for Dental Hygienists

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List of Saddle Chairs and Stools for Dental Hygienists

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Best Saddle Chairs and Stools for Dental Hygienists

1. Master Massage Berkeley Split Seat Style Backrest Saddle Stool:

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Have you been looking for a durable, reliable, and versatile saddle chair with backrest? Well, then this particular model from Master Massage Berkeley is going to impress you for sure. The split style seat and backrest are made of PU leather for comfort. The upholstery used is completely hypoallergenic, so even if you seat for longer hours you won’t be having any scratching or allergies. On top of that, the seat is completely waterproof and oil proof too which adds to the versatility of the product. Additionally, you can enjoy a foam cushion while you sit. The construction of this particular dental saddle stool is quite durable and you can certainly think of using it for the long term. The chair itself weighs around 22lbs whereas it is capable of allowing a maximum weight of 660lbs. The wheels used in this dental stool are of polyurethane which makes the stool stable and makes sure that with every rotation and movement it does not cause any harm to your flooring whatsoever. And the easy to use control panels which can be used to tilt the chair or adjust its heights make this one of the best dental saddle hygienists chairs.


  • It’s designed to offer you proper comfort and convenience.
  • Durable construction.
  • Backrest is quite comfortable.
  • Upholstery used is waterproof and hypoallergenic.
  • The wheels used are designed not to damage your floors at all.


  • The price tag is on the expensive side.
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2. EASY LIFE Saddle Stool Rolling Chair:

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If you prefer to use a comfortable yet ergonomic style dental saddle stool, then you can try out this saddle stool from EASY LIFE for once. Its concave design ensures correct sitting posture and most certainly allows you to get rid of any pain or stress. The seat design is flat and wide and allows you to seat comfortably even for hours. If you love using a soft concave cushion, this stool is the best saddle chair for dental hygienists that you can go for. With any direction swivel facility and hydraulic height control, this dental saddle stool can always be a great choice at the office or home. It comes with a heavy metal base that allows up to 350 lbs of weight.


  • It has a weight limit of 350 lbs.
  • Comes with an ergonomic design in the concave style.
  • Designed to provide you comfort all day long.
  • Ease your stress and pain your spine and back.
  • Soft and thick seat for additional comfort.
  • High-quality PU leather for upholstery.
  • Adjustable seat height.
  • Smooth and durable wheel finish provides the desired stability as well.
  • Comes with a manual that makes it really easy to install.


  • Leather quality is not that good.
  • The cushion used for the seat is really hard.
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3. Office Star Backless Office Stool with Saddle Seat:

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Working for long hours can be really easy if you get to use a comfortable and sturdy dental saddle stool. In case you are having the same problem as many others do, then this backless stool from Office Star might be the solution to your long working hours. This stool comes with a saddle seat that has thick padding. Height can be adjusted in the range of 19-24 inches. You can adjust seat angle with just a use of a lever. The wheels are made to last long and designed to be comfortable. Once you buy this particular dental saddle stool, you can rest assured that you will have a nice, working hour at your office without having to worry about your back or spine. And do not forget the fact that this stool has got the style and design to match your office interiors with ease.


  • Backless yet comfortable to sit for hours.
  • Seating angle and height can be adjusted.
  • Height adjustment ranges from 19 to 24 inches.
  • Comfortable for your spine and back.
  • Thick padding helps you work for long hours.


  • Not that comfortable if you consider the high price tag
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4. FRNIAMC Hydraulic Dental Clinic Saddle Rolling Adjustable, Heavy-Duty Chair:

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If you are tall, then you need a heavy-duty saddle chair with a backrest that will meet all your necessary requirements. FRNIAMC brings to you one such saddle stool that might be a great fit for all your need. Seat height is adjustable range from 20-29.5 inches and most certainly can fit any taller person. Backrest and seat both are padded for extra comfort and the use of high-quality leather surely makes it a great choice for any type of weather. If you are concerned about the construction, I can tell you that the aluminum legs and the base is sturdy enough to support at least 350 lbs of weight and the heavy-duty wheels always make sure you can move around with less effort. While most of your customers will be happy to see this saddle stool, some might find it a bit difficult to adjust with the seat. That being said, you can rest assured that your customers will have an awesome experience at your workplace.


  • Facility to adjust seat height makes it perfect for taller people.
  • It uses nylon casters which make the stool sturdy and they do not make a lot of noise either.
  • Uses high-quality leather for additional comfort.


Not suitable for the wide people

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5. Geboor Hydraulic Saddle Stool with Wheels Rolling Adjustable Height for Clinic Dentist:

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Many of us love the horse saddle stools at the dental clinic. Not only it makes one seat comfortably but also can be a great addition to your dental clinic décor. If you are looking for something like this, then you may just decide to choose this particular model from Geboor. This hydraulic stool comes with adjustable height, PU leather upholstery, and most certainly a comfortable seat. The seat design is comfortable enough for your spine and back and the use of memory foam makes it one of the best saddle chair for dental hygienists. The PU leather used is water and oil proof which allows you to use for different purposes. Whenever you buy a stool, you most certainly are worried about its sturdiness and durability. With this particular model from Geboor, you do not have to worry about all these at all. Apart from that, it’s perfectly designed to roll on any hard floor without damaging it at all.


  • Height can be easily adjusted to suit your need.
  • It’s easy to assemble with the instructions included.
  • Comfortable for anyone sitting for a long duration.
  • Swiveling, rolling stool designed to offer you maximum comfort.
  • Heavy-duty metal construction makes it sturdy and durable too.
  • No scratches on the floor while moving around.
  • Weight capacity of 330lbs.


  • According to some users, it’s not the best sturdy or comfortable model they have used.
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6. KKTONER Rolling Saddle Stool PU Leather Swivel Adjustable Rolling Stool:

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KKTONER brings to you one of the best and high-quality saddle stools that you can buy. With a PU leather cushioning, 300 lbs of weight capacity and height adjustability, you can certainly decide to buy this wonderful, versatile stool. Unlike other saddle stools, this one comes with a set of wheels that are designed to offer you maximum comfort. Sitting on this stool you can easily move around and in any direction with ease and you do not have to worry about the floor either. If you are thinking about comfort, it’s best that you buy it. I can most certainly mark this particular stool as one of the best dental saddle chair that you can buy. You can use this stool for versatile work; at a dental clinic, or a spa or in your office without any trouble at all. This model from KKTONER is truly the best that you can get; especially when you consider the fact that assembling this product is really easy and even if you are doing it the first time, you can rest assure that you won’t be having any trouble at all.


  • Water and oil proof.
  • Can be used for the versatile purpose.
  • Easy to adjust the height of the sit with just a lever.
  • Capable of carrying up to 300 lbs of weight which should be good enough.
  • Easy to move around cushion used is of good quality.
  • Saddle cushion is comfortable enough to sit for long hours.


  • According to some users, the instructions in the manual are not good enough.
  • Not a sturdy or durable construction.
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7. Global-Dental Nurse Saddle Chair Adjustable Mobile Doctors’ Stool PU Leather:

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Global Dental brings to you a high-quality saddle chair with backrest and armrest. With the use of high-density rebound foam and PU leather on the backrest, you can always experience a comfortable sitting even if you have to work for long hours. It’s designed to reduce back pain and relieve fatigue and spinal pressure. This type of design is suitable to promote blood circulation and avoid any type of sciatic nerve function. In case you have issues with slipped discs, shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, or strain in lumbar muscles, this saddle chair can work its magic. If you research well, overall this is a very good, high-quality saddle chair to buy.


  • PU leather cushion for backrest increases comfort
  • Base is made of aluminum alloy which makes it a lot sturdy
  • 19 different colors to choose from
  • Comes with an armrest
  • Seat is wide enough to fit almost anyone
  • Height can be adjusted


  • The price tag is really on the higher side.
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Point to Consider Before Buying a Dental Hygiene Saddle Chair?

Dental saddle chairs are quite common these days and you can find them online very easily. That said, you shouldn’t make a hasty purchase. Your health and ease of operations depend on it. That is why I feel that you should mull over these few factors before you select a chair for yourself:


What is most important is the comfort factor. If you are not comfortable sitting on the chair, you will have a hard time practicing dentistry. That’s why I lay more stress on the comfort factor than anything else. You should always look for a saddle chair with good padding and ergonomic design for all-day comfort.

Seat style:

Dental saddle stools typically come in two different seat styles – single and split. A split seat is ideal if you feel too warm too quickly. Split seats are also easy on the peritoneal area and they put less pressure on the genitals.


A seat that is too firm may be the cause of uneasiness. That is why you would want to avoid such chairs. That said, I have felt that most dental hygiene chairs feel a bit too firm at the start. But after a few uses, your body adjusts to it and you start feeling comfortable.

Saddle tilt:

Make sure that you buy a dental saddle chair that has adjustable tilt options. Being able to tilt your seat forward or backward according to your need is important if you want to reduce discomfort and pain. You should be able to adjust your seat to any position you need.

Leg position:

Supporting your body while sitting down is important and your leg position plays an important role. Dental saddle stools that balance forward are usually problematic if you have stiff limbs. In my opinion, the balance point should ideally be underneath the body.


If you are new to dental hygiene chairs, I would suggest buying a less contoured saddle chair. With less firm contouring, you will be able to find out which size will suit you the best. However, if you have a size that fits well, you can surely buy a firmly contoured chair as they offer more support.

Backrest and armrest:

It would be good if you choose a saddle chair that comes with a nice backrest, and if possible, armrests too. I feel that you should try out a chair with telescoping armrests at least once. If it doesn’t suit you, you could just move it away and use the chair with the backrest only.

Why Do You Need a Dental Saddle Chair?

If you are wondering why you need a dental hygienist chair at all, then you need to read on. Over the past half-decade or so, dentists have found that flat operator tools are not the right fit for their job. The demand for saddle chairs has increased manifold and not for no reason. As someone who has built and used a variety of chairs, I can say there are many reasons why dental saddle chairs are a favorite. Let me lay out some points for you:

Prevents back pain:

One of the main problems that dentists face is back pain. This arises out of incorrect posture throughout the day. When you use a flat tool, you tend to bend forward. This puts pressure on your disks all day long and you end up with back pain; a severe one I should add. But dental hygiene chairs eliminate this problem. They promote a neutral pelvic position which is good for your spine. As you avoid stressing out your backbone, you reduce the chances of back pain.

Easy patient access:

When you use a flat tool, your legs come in the way. You have to forcibly part them apart wide to get close to your patient. That can cause leg pain. But with a saddle tool that’s not a problem at all. Saddle tools allow your legs to slope down steeply. So, your legs are in a partial standing position and you can get quite close to the patient for treatment.

Good for short people:

One of the problems that most dentists with short torsos face is with the placement of their arms while treating a patient. Usually, they have to lift their arms to be able to treat patients properly. But that is not necessary when you use a dental hygienist chair. You can easily lower your patient so that you can treat them comfortably.

Offers better stability:

Another reason why I find saddle dental saddle stools more suitable for dentists is because of the stability they offer. A saddle chair puts your body in a tripod position with the hips abducted and flexed. This stabilizes your hip joint and your entire lower body. This is also ideal for your genital health.


Buying the best chair or stool is important for your dental practice. If you aren’t comfortable in your chair, you will find it hard to treat patients all day long, not to mention the toll that it will take on your body. So, do yourself a favor and buy only the best dental saddle chair. It is a good investment and you will thank yourself.