Best Sofas For Heavy People

Even if it is furniture for heavy people, who does not like a well-styled sofa for themselves? The interiors of a house have become one of the most important aspects of living and to compensate for the need for interior decoration comes in home décor. Now, home décor may range from hanging pots to large installations. In today’s days, the concept of home décor extends to the couches and sofas inside the homes as well. Furniture and installations are designed, keeping in mind the use of the piece as well as the value it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the room. People who weigh more on an average require heavy duty furniture that is sturdy and durable so that it can hold up the weight without any discomfort.

Best Furniture For Heavy People

In our article, we will take a look at the sofa and couch options that are available for heavy people all around the world. For more ease of navigation on the internet, we will take help from the reputed e-commerce stores online so that you may find the link to the products. In case of any confusion, take a look at our article to make your mind and go ahead with the right purchase.

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List of Best Sofa & Couches For Heavy People

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Top 10 Best Couches for Big and Tall Person

1. Modway Engage Mid-Century Modern Upholstered Fabric Loveseat Couches:

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The Loveseat by Modway Engage Loveseat is a couch that comes with a great look and feels in terms of the design and the upholstery material. Modway manufactures its product in four distinct types: armchair, loveseat, ottoman, and sofa. The loveseat suits people who weigh above the average weight of people due to a weight capacity of 1300lbs is the best sofa & couch for heavy people.

The lovely look of the sofa has a contemporary Italian touch to it with its wooden legs cherry stained to match the rest of it. The 6-inch cushions are oversized, which add incredible support and comfort. The frame material is also made out of solid wood which results in barely any risk of the structure collapsing under a significant amount of weight.

The upholstery is further made out of fine quality polyester fabric in the color of azure that not only adds royalty but also lovely contract to a room. The overall dimension of the sofa stands at 33″L x 78″W x 32.5″H. Some assembling is required to get the wooden legs into the main structure.


  • There is a small support leg that comes with the couch. The support leg can be screwed into the middle of the support beam of the couch.
  • The manufacturer incorporates 12 different varieties in terms of colors in the upholstery.
  • The assembling is quick and easy.
  • Cushions on the couch are substantial and fit the user snugly without sagging.
  • The polyester upholstery does not allow animal fur or hair to stick to it.


  • The cushions may feel a bit firmer than usual. Plus, they cannot be reversed.
  • There are no cushions which come free with the sofa.
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2. Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Lauren Down-Filled Oversized Sofa Couch:

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Sofa Couch One of the heavy duty couches by Amazon itself makes it into the list for the great features that it comes packed with. The Amazon Brand sofa comes in two varieties: a 74-inch sofa and an 89-inch sofa. There is a living room chair and an ottoman as separate pieces in case one wants to make a purchase. Seven different shades in brown and grey make for the palette of the upholstery in which the Amazon sofa is manufactured.

The sofa is quite significant in size given that the dimensions of the 89-inch variant are 89.4” W x 44.9″ D x 37.4″ H. The fabric that Amazon brand on the product sets into the frame very well. Furthermore, it is durable and simple. The frame of the sofa is made out of solid hardwood that is resistant to moisture, bugs, and stains.

One of the most significant positive points in favor of Amazon’s sofa is that there is no assembly required for it. The manufacturer provides a warranty of 3 years along with 30 days of free return in case of any problem with the item. Undoubtedly, the heavy-duty couch by Amazon is one of the best couches for a big and tall person due to the depth of the sofa.


  • The cushions on the sofa are removable.
  • The sofa is moisture-repellent as well as resistant to stains.
  • The cushion filling is a feather blend.
  • The legs are broad squares of solid wood which offers a higher weight capacity.
  • The seat depth is high, which means the couch by Amazon is an ideal item to use as a regular couch.


  • The depth and size of the sofa add quite a bit of weight to the unit itself.
  • The cushions may seem a bit stiff at first few uses.
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3. Klaussner Home Furnishings Paxton Sofa with 4 Throw Pillows:

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The sofa by Klaussner is one of the extra sturdy sofas on our list that comes with not one but four little add-ons. There are two separate units to the Klaussner sofa that are sold separately; a sofa and an ottoman. Additionally, Klaussner Home Furnishings adds two variants in color to the upholstery – indigo, and dove. The upholstery is made out of 16% cotton and 84% polyester, which makes for a great blend adding both smoothness and comfort in one.

The best part of this particular sofa is that it comes with four 23×23 pillows or cushions that have 1.8 density foam fillings. The seat cushions are made with the same filling and are reversible. Additionally, you can also remove the covers for the cushions so that you may use different covers or wash them from time to time.

The sofa legs require to be assembled when you get it delivered to your house. The tapered wooden legs can be fit into the mainframe of the sofa under 15 minutes at the most.


  • The frame of the sofa is built using 3D drafting software that ensures precision cuts and maximum accuracy during the assembling of the parts.
  • The unit comes with barbed T-nuts for a good grip on the legs of the sofa.
  • The seat springs are 8.5 gauge steel tempered springs and are connected with the use of 16 gauge flex cords to add more stability to the structure.
  • The mainframe is made of wood that is kiln dried and laminated.
  • The cushions are incredibly cozy.


  •  The sofa weights its own. It weighs 176lbs on its own.
  • The fabric is see-through under certain lights.
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4. Jennifer Taylor Home Sofa in Satin Teal:

[amazon fields=”B00XXDZP4C” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aff_img” image_align=”center”]

Talk about gorgeous looking couches for posh living and Jennifer Taylor sofa makes one for heavy people. The home sofa by Jennifer Taylor is not only all looks but happens to be one of the most spacious pieces of furniture for fat people. Jennifer Taylor manufactures the product in ten different colors. The fabric is satin that has been upholstered well into the frame. Five different materials to complete its sturdy body; hardwood—Birch, wood, foam, and fabric.

The frame is made out of hardwood that has been dried in the kiln while the mainframe is made using composite 11-layer plywood that is a complaint to CARB.

The sofa includes two bolster pillows with covers made out of 100% polyester offering it a silky smooth satin finish. However, the cushions and their covers only require dry wash lest it may bleed color. The dimensions of the sofa are 84″W x 33″ D x 31.5″H. The legs of the sofa come separately and require to be attached when the product is delivered.


  • The four legs of the sofa are made out of birch.
  • Buttons have been hand-tufted into the body of the cushions.
  • The foam is quite resilient for a heavy-duty couch.
  • The mainframe of the sofa is made out of 11-layer plywood.
  • The cushions are very soft.


  • The height of the sofa is relatively low.
  • The color may differ from the ones online.
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5. Honbay Reversible Sectional Sofa Couch:

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The Honbay Reversible sofa is a convertible and sectional type of sofa. The product by Honbay makes for a great sofa for a heavy person, given how sturdy the makeup of the unit is.

The dimensions of the couch are 36.6” H x 102” W x 50” D while the weight capacity of the couch is 660lbs. As far as the variants are considered, the Honbay Reversible sofa has three variants in terms of the colour of upholstery; bluish grey, brown leather and dark grey.

The cushions are firm and comfortable that does not sink in too much, and neither does it stay stiff. The quality is also excellent as the frame is made out of solid wood and serpentine springs that hold the cushions together. One can quickly assemble the sofa without the help of any tools.

There is an ottoman with the sofa that allows one to turn the couch into an L-shaped sofa either on the right-hand side or on the left-hand side. There is a storage bag with a sofa as well.


  • The Ottoman comes with a storage unit under it.
  • The springs are serpentine springs that offer optimum bounce.
  • The foam under the fabric is held together using pocket coils.
  • The floor to seat height is 19 inches.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The couch is a bit too close to the ground. Honbay’s sofa for heavy people does not make it the first choice for people requiring sofas for a big and tall person.
  • The cushions are not too deep.
  • The cushions cannot be reversed.
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6. Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Tufted Sofa Couch:

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When one looks for heavy-duty couches that offer both high performances as well as great style, the couch by Amazon is difficult to avoid. The particular variant of the Chesterfield Tufted Couch on our list is an upgraded version of the classic Chesterfield. The dimensions of the sofa are 92.9” W x 39″ D x 30.3″ H. The frame is made out of hardwood while the cushions are made out of nylon fabric and polyester.

The heavy-duty couch offers a broad seating capacity, and the weight capacity is average. The legs require to be assembled once the product is delivered. In terms of style, the Bradbury Chesterfield goes a long way as there is a touch of the classic stain and comfort of the resilient foam.

The manufacturer offers a warranty of three years. Furthermore, you can return the sofa within 30 days of the delivery in case there is any problem with the production.


  • The cushions are wide. They are 25 x 25 squares.
  • The exterior is made of bonded leather which gives it a plush look.
  • The frame is made out of solid hardwood.
  • The feet of the sofa have plastic attachments that help the sofa to move around with much ease.
  • The size and height of the floor are perfect for tall people.


  • The bonded leather exterior shows scratches quickly.
  • The leather does not adapt well to humidity.
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7. Westfield Wood Futon Frame – Full Size:

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Westfield comes up with a sofa that is less of a conventional sofa and more of a mobile bed. Inspired by the traditional Japanese style of bedding, the futon by Westfield is multi-positional, which means that you can position the futon in multiple ways. The futon can be converted into a full-size bed, sofa, or a lounge couch.

Even though one might find a large number of options on one sofa to be a bit risky, the mainframe comes with a sturdy and robust build that can hold overweight people comfortably. The frame is made of 100% solid hardwood. Additionally, the seller offers a 5-year warranty on the product. One needs to purchase the covers, mattresses, and pillows separately.

The dimensions of the futon are 81″W x 32″ D x 33.5″H, and that of the bed is 81″W x 54″ D x 24.75″H. the arm height is 24.75 inches. The frame of the futon is crafted in Indonesia.


  • The futon, like a bed, holds two overweight adults.
  • It functions as heavy duty furniture for obese people as it is sturdy and built out of strong hardwood.
  • Assembling of the futon is super simple.
  • The conversion from sofa to bed is also quite simple.
  • The wood has a lovely stained appearance.
  • The holes for the attachments are provided beforehand so that one may not require tools.


  • The base may be uneven in some instances.
  • The futon grazes the ground too much.
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8. Amazon Brand – Rivet Sloane Mid-Century Modern Sofa with Tufted Back:

[amazon fields=”B07BWL4C41″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aff_img” image_align=”center”]

The idea that heavy duty furniture sofas can be nothing but boring or traditional style sofas is an entirely false idea. To prove this idea all the more wrong, Amazon has incorporated denim into the modern mid-century sofa. As a sectional type of sofa, the frame material is made out of a hardwood. The shape has a sleek U-shaped curved appearance that has been accentuated with hand-tufting techniques and buttons on the backrest cushion.

The legs of the Rivet Sloane Mid-Century sofa has been made out of beech wood. It is resilient to bugs, dampness, as well as stains. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on the item along with 20 days for free returns. Its dimensions are 79.9″ W x 35.8″ D x 33.1’H. It is relatively light-weight compared to other brands on the list.


  • The denim of the sofa has a greenish shade to it offering a teal blue look.
  • The seat depth is 21 inches.
  • The fabric is not as hard as an average denim material.
  • The sofa is quite significant in length as any tall person can comfortably lie down on it.
  • The hardwood frame is strong enough to hold three above-average weighted people.


  • The cushions may seem a bit too stiff at first few uses.
  • Assembling may take longer than usual.
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9. Serta SA-AVO-JB-Set Dream Convertible Seville Sofa:

[amazon fields=”B00EPD8P4Q” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aff_img” image_align=”center”]

If you are looking for a posh-looking leather sofa that works as sturdy furniture for overweight people as well, the Serta Convertible sofa might be the one for you. Available in two variants of color; java and ebony it is convertible, which means you can turn it into a bed from a sofa within a few seconds.

It can seat a total of three people. The exterior is made out of bonded leather while the frame is made out of hardwood. The dimensions of the sofa are 85.4 L x 34.8 W x 33.7 H while the dimensions of the bed are 85.4 L x 44.1 W x 18.7 H.


  • The sofa weighs about 75lbs.
  • The bonded leather provides the item with a sophisticated look.
  • The floor to cushion height is adequate.
  • It comes with hidden storage areas.
  • The sofa has three positions: upright, lounging, and flat.


  • The bonded leather may peel off under humid conditions.
  • The exterior is prone to scratches.
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10. Homelegance Chai 91Microfiber Double Reclining Sofa (Manual):

[amazon fields=”B07BQH5JC9″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aff_img” image_align=”center”]

While looking for living room furniture for heavy people, one cannot leave out Homelegance reclining sofa behind. The frame is made out of hardwood, and the dimensions are 91 x 39 x 40 inches, and it also has an armchair that is sold separately. The exterior is made out of polished microfiber. The weighing capacity is 900lbs. Furthermore, there is a reclining system added to the unit.

The armrest is stuffed with foam along with the headrest. One needs to assemble the pieces to have the entire unit.


  • Relatively easy to assemble.
  • The inseams of the upholstery are very neat.
  • The armrests are filled with foam.
  • The look of the sofa is very sophisticated.
  • The couch reclines backward to hold the weight well.


  • The stitches may come off quickly.
  • The reclining back comes back to its position with a little shift in weight.
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Things To Consider When Buying The Furniture For Heavy People

If you are out in the market looking for a couch for a heavy person, then there are certain things one needs to keep in mind. They have been listed below:

The dimensions of the sofa:

The dimensions of a sofa determine how big it is in size, the depth of the cushions, and how many people it can fit. However, remember that the dimensions alone may not be sufficient in determining its suitability for heavy people. It is merely a primary indicator of its strength and whether or not it can support heavier loads than regular sofas.

The floor to cushion height:

The floor to cushion height determines whether tall people, along with overweight people, can use the sofa with comfort or not. If the height is not big enough, taller people may not find enough space to rest their legs on the ground comfortably. This further entails many other dimensional specifications concerning its strength which need to be met if the said height is to be made more prominent.

A number of legs:

The number of legs on the sofa helps to distribute the weight. There is, however, a balance that needs to be struck between the aesthetic appeal of the couch and the number of legs. What is usually done to lend further sturdiness to couches is that a small leg is added on the middle beam of the frame thus not let the sofa bend downwards due to weight on the cushions.

Comfortable cushions:

The depth of cushions determines the ease your spine will be getting once you rest on the couch. If the cushions are old or not deep enough, they will generally be more uncomfortable, especially for more massive people. Thus, keeping your cushions in an excellent and fluffy condition is paramount to maintaining the kind of furniture that couches fall under.

Frame material:

The point for frame material is about the overall quality of the couch too. Cheaper wood or other lower-quality material will wear down the couch sooner if it is subjected to heavier weights regularly. The material of the frames should therefore be made of good quality hardwood or timber. The reason is to make sure that the structure does not collapse under too much weight and also increases its longevity.

Consider the points mentioned above before you purchase a couch for overweight people.

FAQs about Sofa & Couches for Heavy People

Q. How much weight does average sofa support?

Ans. The average sofa (3-seater) supports upto 750lbs; however, it may vary depending on the type of sofa. Living room couches typically support the lesser weight of a person. If you take a look at the weight capacity, the couches that support above 750lbs can be considered as couches for overweight people.

Q. What kind of cushions should I get?

Ans. The cushions that can be reversed are better than the fixed ones. These cushions allow one to clean out the sofa well. You can hide stains on one surface, or even place covers over the cushions for extra care.

Q. Do couches for heavier people cost more than normal couches?

Ans. Yes, the higher cost based on the type of couch is a possibility on average since you are going for greater and quality and sturdiness. However, this is not a rule, and you should seek out the best offers fitting your requirements.

Q. Will sleeping on it damage my couch?

Ans. Yes, regular sleeping on a couch can cause harm to the frame, the fabric, and the cushions. However, occasional sleeping is acceptable, and if the couch is sturdy enough, it will usually be able to withstand such stress.

Q. How is bonded leather upholstery different than genuine leather?

Ans. Bonded leather is thinner than genuine leather. It feels synthetic and cannot withstand temperature and weather changes easily. As a result, genuine leather couches tend to last longer and hold more weight due to the thick, elastic nature of the fabric.

Q. How do I keep a fabric couch clean?

Ans. Mix washing liquid, vinegar, and baking soda into warm water and apply the solution to any visible stains. If the cushions are reversible, you can reverse the cushions or use a cover. In case of a stain on an irreversible cushion of a sofa, it cannot be reversed.


Getting a couch that has modern, sophisticated looks, as well as high functionality, is not a dream anymore. It is possible to buy furniture for heavy people that comes with excellent upholstery, inseams, and high-quality timber. No matter what the design of the sofa may be, the assembling part of the sofa is not too tricky as it does not require tools. Keep in mind to look for couches that have a higher weight capacity, sturdy frame, and good long-lasting fabric to hold more weight. Additionally, the fabric should be resistant to weather changes, humidity, dirt, and grease.

Go through our list of couches for overweight people and choose the best sofa according to your needs.