How Can I Make My Sofa Cushions Firm Again?

If your sofa cushion has gone limp, you must surely be wondering how can I make my sofa cushions firm again. In most cases, sofa cushions last long, at least 10-15 years and that is the reason why you don’t need to think much about repairing them often. That being said, once in a while, you might find that your cushions are not working properly and that is not something you want while relaxing at your home. In case you are thinking about how can I make my sofa cushions firm again, then you need to go through the below steps and you will be able to fix your sofa cushions with ease.

How Can I Make My Sofa Cushions Firm Again

How to Make Couch Back Cushions Firmer Again

Make your Cushion Filler Fluffy:

First of all, you need to take your cushions out of their covers and unzip them to check the kind of filler it has got. In case the filler is just loose, you can fill it up with the same kind of fillers and it should be fine. If you find any kind of dirt or lumps in there, you need to remove them and then replace the filler with quality stuffing. Try and use an extra bit of stuffing to ensure that the filler holds for a long time. Once you are done with the fillers, add the covers and check whether your cushions are as firm as new or not.

Replacing your Foam:

At times finding an answer to the question of how can I make my sofa cushions firm again turns out to be a bit easier than you think. If your cushions come with foam chip fillers, it will certainly be easy to fix your foam back to normal. The first step will be to check whether the foam chips are getting crumbled. To do this, you need to roll the chips in your fingers and if they crumble, well, it’s time to replace your foam. To replace your foam chips you can use latex or memory foam and stuff them yourself inside your cushion. It’s really easy to do even if it’s your first time. Just remember that, you should not mix the new and old foam otherwise you won’t have the firm cushion you have been looking for.

A Quick Fix:

It might so happen that you have decided to change your cushion altogether. In this kind of situation what you can do is use a bit of quick-fix trick and save a bit of money. What you need to do is instead of replacing the whole filler you can use one piece of high-density polyester or memory foam on each side of the cushion bag. This will provide the necessary stuffing for your lose sofa cushion. In previous article i have explained steps to fix leaning recliners. you can check that too if your recliner is leaning from one side.

Fix the Sofa Structure:

At times you will see that a sagging cushion is not what troubling you. In some cases, you might need to replace the deck springs instead as well. If you remove the cushions and sit on the deck, you will certainly know whether you need to repair or replace the springs or not. If you are unable to replace the springs instantly, you might use a piece of plywood to fix the seat for a temporary purpose only.

Quick Fix with Plywood:

While knowing how can I make my sofa cushions firm again seems like tricky, actually fixing a sofa cushion will take more than just your knowledge. This is the reason why you need to know one more temporary solution until you get an expert to fix your sofa. What you need to do is use plywood underneath your cushion. This will ensure that your seat does not sink in and you get a firm sitting cushion. Just remember to buy a long piece of plywood and then cut the pieces as per your requirement, otherwise, the sofa cushions might not fit in all together.

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